Way Dream

Game developed in JamDNA6

This is a simple game about a snowman which is whatever to do in your life and decide to walk to reach your dream passing through monsters which is destroying dreams.

Good Luck and survive!!!



A or arrow_left  - Left 

D  or arrow_right - Right


Criteria #1: Endless Runner
A endless runner simple and calm down
Criteria #2: Fantasy
Yes, is a fantasy about a snowman and some monsters blocking passage and the snowman's dream.
Criteria #3: Devil May Care
It's is a snowman which is trying reach dream. Enjoy more and more without worrying anything. HAPPY in your face, reaching your DREAMS
Criteria #4: Epic Music
It's is so difficulty, and my first try creating some music. But the choir is not working, then I post a simple melody.

Made withGodot


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Nice little game! The snowman looks cool, you can make him fall of the edge if you go too far :)

Thanks for reply, that's idea is great.